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Boys POD Training Clinic

Lacrosse in July!

After the cancellation of YLM's tentative 7v7 summer league on June 15, The Minnetonka Lacrosse Association has created the following plan for a four-week, eight (8) session Lacrosse clinic beginning July 6th. 


Player Registration Opens: NOW

  • Registration is first-come, first-served: When a pod has filled up, i.e., when 15 players have registered for that pod, the pod will no longer be available to subsequent registrants. 
  • Registrants eligible for special goalie training sessions and face-off training sessions, dates and times TBD 
  • Scholarships are available for players.  Click here to access the application on our website.
  • Parents will need to fill-out waivers before their player can attend any session.  Waiver acknowledgement  will be included in the registration process.


  • Sessions to begin Monday, July 6
  • Each group “POD” session will last for one hour, twice a week during the month of July


  • Sessions will take place on Badger field, MME, Instant Webb & Manor Park (for 6U/8U).  Each POD will be scheduled on Badger at least once per week.


  • Cost will be $99 per player for all eight sessions in July
  • Registration includes coaching and turf time. 
  • Pinnies available (limited quantities) at cost for those who did not participate in spring box lacrosse.
  • For 6U and 8U players, registration includes a Warp Mini lacrosse stick suitable for play through 8U (second grade).  


  • Clinics are divided into half-field POD sessions for groups of approximately 15 players.
  • PODS will be grouped by age, e.g., 12U Blue Pod, 12U White Pod, 12U Black Pod, 12U Silver Pod
    • With permission from Boys' Youth Director, a player may be granted permission to "play up" or "play down" a level, e.g., a 12U player might be granted permission to join a 14U Pod.
    • 6U and 8U players will practice together without pads, i.e., stickwork and stickwork games only.
  • Players will remain in their POD for the entire session.
  • Players will be dropped off, go directly to their POD gear area & prepare to take the field when called by coach.
  • Sessions will be staggered so that the start times will happen 15 minutes apart and there will be 15 minutes in between sessions on each side of the field.
  • Players will be instructed to collect their equipment and meet their rides in the parking lot, under the supervision of the parent volunteers.
  • Coaches will execute the training program developed by the High School varsity coaches and our league director.
  • We will need two parents to sign-up for each session to ensure that players are maintaining proper social distancing.  A link to the sign-up form will be sent before July 6th.  Please consider signing up.
  • Later in July, scrimmages between pods may be possible depending on the recommendations from the CDC and the state. 

The MLA has worked hard in conjunction with the varsity coaches to develop this plan that allows our kids to take the lacrosse field this summer in a way that's safe for our kids, our families, and our community. We are confident that our plan complies with applicable state and city orders and guidance. Feel free to reach-out with any questions or suggestions.


Go Tonka!!!


6U: DOB 9/1/2013 through 8/31/2015
8U: DOB 9/1/2011 through 8/31/2013
10U: DOB 9/1/2009 through 8/31/2011
12U: DOB 9/1/2007 through 8/31/2009
14U: DOB 6/1/2005 through 8/31/2007 and not started 9th grade

Player segmentation subject to US Lacrosse player segmentation guidelines as administered by Youth Lacrosse Minnesota.

8U participation in YLM league play TBD. If league play not available to 8U players, MLA will run in-house 8U activities as appropriate. 

Requests for age waivers to "play up" or "play down" should be submitted to the MLA Boys' Youth Director. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with the final determination to be made in the sole discretion of the MLA Boys' Youth Director.

Registration fee $95.00


Full lacrosse gear is required, per league rules and US Lacrosse insurance requirements

Full lacrosse gear means:  lacrosse helmet, legal lacrosse stick, lacrosse gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, mouth guard,  protective cup, and non-metal cleats appropriate for youth play on grass or turf.  Rib pads are optional but recommended. Requirements for goalie gear are different; consult USL's equipment webpage

HELMET POLICY: MLA does not require a specific color for a boys' helmets or gloves, but we encourage players to purchase and wear Tonka Blue (often "royal blue") whenever possible, with white as a first alternative option and black as a second alternative option.  All equipment, including helmets, must be free of decals or markings bearing  other lacrosse clubs' or associations' logos or names. This policy went into effect for the 2014 summer lacrosse season and covers equipment worn at tryouts and player evaluations.

UNIFORMS: Team-issued uniforms (jersey and shorts) are included with your registration fee and must be worn at all games, scrimmages and tournaments. 

8U Note: For 8U in-house activities, players may use hockey equipment (e.g., hockey helmet).


All participants must have a US Lacrosse Youth Membership ($30) in order to register with MLA and participate in MLA activities.

During registration, you will be asked for the player's USL membership number and membership expiration date. The player's USL membership must not expire until after the season has ended. We recommend that you confirm the player's membership status prior to beginning the registration process.

Locate your US Lacrosse membership number and check membership status HERE

For more information on US Lacrosse memberships, visit USL's website



Up until a program registration closes, the Minnetonka Lacrosse Association (MLA) will give consideration to written requests for withdrawals and refunds. In all cases MLA will retain a 15% processing fee for costs incurred from our registration service and administrative costs.

After a program registration has closed, no refunds or cancellations will be given except in the case of injury or similar extenuating circumstance that prevents practice and game participation. In such cases, the Minnetonka Lacrosse Association Board of Directors must approve the refund, and may require documentation to substantiate the refund request.

No refunds will be given in the case where program sessions must be canceled due to weather, facilities cancellations, or other situations beyond MLA’s control​.


Please direct questions to:

Colin Winkler, Boys' Youth Director, via email to