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Equipment Recommendations


A good stick - particularly the head (where the ball goes) - gives growing players a better sense of where the ball should be and what it should feel like to pass and catch in the sweet spot...that alone can help the developing stick skills really start to click.

The most highly-recommended stick is made by StringKing and is vouched by Minnetonka girls coaches and many other head coaches of youth players Here are two sticks that are great for beginner players getting more into the game:

StringKing's Women's Complete with a MID or HIGH Pocket. Though it looks like you have a choice on the shaft, there's no need to change it from Metal 2 (it's a great shaft, anyway). The stick head is the most important component at this point in your daughter's playing. We see a lot of players at all different levels with this stick so it's not just for beginners - it's great to grow with.

StringKing's Women's Complete JUNIOR: This stick is the same as the Women's Complete, just sized down. This size might be more proportional and easier to manage if your player is small for her age, and/or if you notice she gets kind of "stuck" on the shaft of her normal-sized stick when trying to cradle and switch hands.


Other required equipment

The following are REQUIRED for any and all lacrosse play.
  • Mouthguard:  cannot be white or clear - it has to be obvious to referees that every player is wearing one on the field at all times. 
  • Goggles/protective eyewear: USA Lacrosse is a great resource to learn more about the eyewear requirements and find a list of approved brands and styles
  • Cleats: We primarily practice on turf in the spring, and will play games on turf and grass fields. Soccer cleats are great, and companies make lacrosse-specific ones now that come up higher around the ankle (not required, just some players' preference).
  • Base layers: Spring games can get cold, wet, windy, etc. It's great to have leggings and undershirts that will help keep players warm through bad-weather games. Base layers do not need to be a certain color.