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Learning the Game

Boys Field Lacrosse Glossary

Attack –  A lacrosse position that plays only in the offensive end.

Backup -  An “off-ball” defender in position to support a teammate who is guarding an opponent with the ball.

Body Check – A deliberate bumping of an opponent from the front (above the knees and below the neck) when the opponent is in possession of or within five yards of the ball.

Box – A square retaining box on the offensive and defensive end of the field.  The “10 second” rule applies to this box as well as a general “tightening” of the defense once the ball is brought into this zone.

Clamp – A face-off maneuver executed by quickly pushing the back of your stick over the top of the ball to gain possession.

Clear – Running or passing the ball from the defensive side of the field to the offensive half of the field

Cradle - Running with the stick in either one or both hands in such a way that the ball is forced to stay in the pocket.

Crease – The circled off area where the goalie is stationed.  No offensive player is allowed in the crease. (The crease is also loosely referred to as a position in front of the net where an offensive player is positioned).

Cutting – A movement by an offensive player without the ball, toward the goal, in anticipation of a pass and subsequent shot.

Dodge – A premeditated and calculated attempt to maneuver towards the net in an attempt to shoot or feed a teammate.

Fast Break – An odd man rush up the field that favors the attacking team.  A high percentage play that should lead to a goal.

Feed – A quick, crisp pass to a teammate who is in either in position to score, or cutting into to score. (A feed is usually done to a teammate on the crease.)

Man/Ball – If two players and an opposing player are heading towards a loose ball, the player closest to the ball yells “man” and body checks the opposing player, while the second man scoops the ball for a possession.

Man-Up/Man-Down – The term referring to a team having an advantage or disadvantage through penalty (power play / penalty kill).

Mark Up! – A call given by the goalie or defense to tell each defender to find his/her man and call out their number.

Midfield – A lacrosse position that requires a player to be both an offensive and defensive minded player.  A “middie” needs to be the best conditioned athlete on the field because of this requirement.

Middie Back – If one of our defensemen crosses the midfield line, a midfielder must remain on the defensive side of the field to balance the field and remain “on sides”.

Pick – An offensive maneuver in which one player attempts to block the path of a defender guarding another offensive player.

Poke Check – A stick check in which the player thrusts his stick like a pool cue at the opponent through the top hand by pushing with the bottom hand.

Rake – A face-off maneuver in which a player sweeps the ball to a particular area.

Riding – The act of preventing a team from clearing the ball.

Scooping – The act of picking up a ground ball.

Slap Check – A stick check in which a player snaps his wrists to thrust his stick across the opponent’ stick, hands, or chest.

Whip – A condition in a player’s stick in which the pocket “holds” the ball too long.  This essentially causes the ball to throw low or inaccurate.  This can be cured by loosening the throw strings or shortening the depth of the pocket.

Wrap Check – A one-handed check in which the defender drops his bottom hand off the stick and swings his stick around the opponent’s body to dislodge the ball.

“X” – The position directly behind net.  From “X” an attackman is able to “quarterback” the offense and see all angles for scoring