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Why play Minnetonka Lacrosse?

8U varsity tunnel

Get Your Custom Tonka Lacrosse iSlides Before November 19! 

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For each pair ordered, iSlide will donate $10 back to the Minnetonka Lacrosse Association to benefit the youth and high school boys’ and girls’ lacrosse programs! 

Order by midnight on November 19, when our iSlide web store will close. Orders will ship direct to the purchasers 7-10 days after the team store closes, so your fresh iSlides will be delivered to your house with plenty of time left to wrap them. 

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Actual parent comments

  • I love watching my sons play lacrosse. It’s exciting, fast-paced and a great team sport. 
  • Lacrosse is one of the most exciting sports to watch. 
  • Kids get great conditioning and games are high energy with lots of chances for participation. 
  • Best decision we made to enter a sport we knew nothing about!
  • My kids smile when they play Lacrosse.

Girls and Boys programs from 1st to 8th grade

Lacrosse is a fun and growing sport for both boys and girls.  

Leading youth sports experts agree that youth athletes that specialize in one sport at an early age can become burned out on sports or risk repetitive injuries.  

Adding Lacrosse to your child's sports programs is fun for them and makes for a better, well rounded athlete.

For more information on our boys or girls youth programs click on the links below.

Girls Lacrosse Chipotle Fundraiser

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Boys High School Lacrosse

Boys High School Lacrosse

Girls High School Lacrosse

Girls High School Lacrosse - site