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If you have questions about registration for remote training or about the YLM 7v7 league, please contact MLA VP Kara Cassidy:

Week 1 - Remote Training

MLA's first remote training session will take place on Thursday, May 28, 2020, at 5:00pm, via Zoom.

All Tonka youth players may attend, but attendance will be capped at 100 participants. If we reach this limit, we will record the session and post it to our website. 

Before the meeting, review the training document for Week 1 and attempt the drills:

To join the live Zoom meeting on May 28 at 5:00pm CDT, use this link:

For this first session, we will be conducting this "fundamentals" training with all ages together in a large group.

When we have players signed up for remote training registration via the Remote Training registration link (see sidebar at right), we will break out future remote training sessions by age group and tailor the training more closely to the general ability that we see at each age level.

Even if you're an experienced player, we encourage you to attend this first "fundamentals" remote training session, as there will be helpful tidbits and reminders on coaching points that we see more advanced players missing all the time. And for beginning players, this will be your foundation for stick work, which will be the launching pad for your success in lacrosse. 

See you at the ZOOM! 

Miss the May 27 Email About the 7v7 League?

If so, we've posted it below: 

Use the "2020 Boys Remote Training" link below (click the blue box) to register for remote training sessions that will be delivered for free in the coming weeks. 

Use the "2020 Boys Summer 7v7" registration link below (click the blue box below) to register for the potential 7v7 league that YLM is attempting to orchestrate. Even if you already registered with MLA for summer lacrosse, you must re-register here (pay later, if the league proceeds) to be included in 7v7 communications and rostering. (Note that 8U participation in the 7v7 league remains TBD, but we enocourage all 8Us to register.)

Miss the Parent Meeting?

If you missed the MLA boys' parent meeting on May 20, you can view it using the link below:

Why play Minnetonka Lacrosse?

8U varsity tunnel

Register now, pay later

If you have not registered for the summer lacrosse seasons, we have extended the deadline.  Please register your players for lacrosse as soon as possible — we have implemented a "register now, pay later" policy, so you will not be charged at this time. For MLA to make season plans, it is critical that we know how many players intend to participate.

As soon as the Board determines the scope of the seasons, we will set appropriate registration fees. All registrants will receive an email with information on fees and how to pay them. Fees may be prorated. If financial circumstances require you to cancel, there will be no penalty.

Actual parent comments

  • I love watching my sons play lacrosse. It’s exciting, fast-paced and a great team sport. 
  • Lacrosse is one of the most exciting sports to watch. 
  • Kids get great conditioning and games are high energy with lots of chances for participation. 
  • Best decision we made to enter a sport we knew nothing about!
  • My kids smile when they play Lacrosse.

Girls and Boys programs from K to 8th grade

Lacrosse is a fun and growing sport for both boys and girls.  

Leading youth sports experts agree that youth athletes that specialize in one sport at an early age can become burned out on sports or risk repetitive injuries.  

Adding Lacrosse to your child's sports programs is fun for them and makes for a better, well rounded athlete.

For more information on our boys or girls youth programs click on the links below.

NEW - Co-Ed 6U Kindergarten Summer Lacrosse

NEW for 2020 - Co-Ed 6U Kindergarten Summer Lacrosse

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Boys High School Lacrosse

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Girls High School Lacrosse

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