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Summer Boys' Lacrosse

Boys' summer registration closes at midnight on Sunday, April 3. 

A word about volunteers...

  • We need volunteers to make our programs run. PERIOD. 
    Every registration has an option to select a volunteer role. If you're interested in volunteering in any capacity but don't know how, please send us an email: EMAILS@MTKALAX.ORG.
  • It's particularly beneficial for the program if we can get multiple parent-coaches, bench/sideline manager, and team managers for a given season. But we additionally need multiple assistant webmasters to help with SportsEngine admin tasks, equipment coordinators to help with getting goals to fields and getting nets strung up and gear delivered to coaches, apparel and uniform coordinators, and many others to make MLA successful for our kids! 
  • You do not need to know lacrosse inside and out to coach for us. We typically have one or two "expert" coaches with each team, but it's always helpful to have additional bodies to run practices, fill in when needed, and monitor sideline activity and playing minutes. Particularly at the 6U, 8U, and 10U levels, we'll teach you everything you need to know to help out  as a coach or volunteer! 

About Tonka Boys' Youth Summer Lacrosse

Minnetonka Boys' Youth Summer lacrosse offers fast-paced action with a family-friendly schedule.  With no weekend practices or games in June or July and only one or two weekend tournaments, summer lacrosse offers families the opportunity to enjoy all the thrill, skill, and athleticism that lacrosse has to offer without having to miss those memorable weekends up north or on the lake.  

Summer Boys' Lacrosse is open to athletes from 10U through 14U (that's typically those youth players who will be entering third grade all the way up through those entering ninth grade the following fall, depending on their date of birth).  

Note: "Boys' lacrosse" refers to the rules of the game; the Minnetonka Boys' Youth Lacrosse program welcomes athletes of all sexes and genders.

Summer Lacrosse Key Dates

Summer evaluations April 5-6 (14U) and April 9-10 (12U). Details below. 

Team practices for the 2022 summer season for the 10U, 12U, and 14U players will begin on Monday, May 16. 

  • NOTE: We will hold "team-balancing" scrimmages on the evenings of May 2-4. 

Our first summer tournament will be the weekend of June 4-5, in Farmington, MN. 

Youth Lacrosse Minnesota (YLM) summer league regular-season games will run from early June through late July, with games  to be played on weeknights throughout the metro area. 

End-of-season YLM league jamborees and tournaments will be played over the last few weeks and weekends of July, subject to league scheduling. Specifically, per YLM's website: 

  • July 23-24: 6U/8U/10U End of Season Jamboree Weekend
  • July 24: Release of  YLM Tournament schedule
  • July 25-28: District/Sectional playoffs
  • July 30-31: YLM Championship  Weekend


  • $350 for 10U
  • $500 for 12U and 14U

Installment payments available at time of registration. 

Note: Additional uniform cost may apply. See "UNIFORMS" below.


If you purchased a uniform for the 2022 Boys' Spring Lacrosse season, then you will use that same uniform for summer lacrosse. If you do not (or will not) have a uniform from the 2022 spring lacrosse season, then you will need to add $90 to your summer registration for a 2022 uniform. 


For YLM summer league play, we break players into A- and B-teams.
To help us make rostering decisions, player evaluations will be held as follows: 

  • 14U: Tuesday, April 5 & Wednesday, April 6. 
    7:30-9:30pm both nights
  • 12U: Saturday, April 9 & Sunday, April 10 
    12-2pm on Saturday; 1-3pm on Sunday

It's critical that 12U and 14U players attend both evaluation sessions for their age group. Please plan accordingly. These evaluations will be conducted by an independent third party. Players who miss evaluations will be rostered on a B-team. 

Note that we do not conduct evaluations for 10Us. They will be rostered based on their elementary school.  We will ask 10Us to attend the "team balancing" scrimmages that we plan to conduct on May 4-6 so that we can try to ensure that we have roughly equal 10U teams. 

ALL TRYOUTS WILL BE HELD AT BADGER PARK IN SHOREWOOD.  Any location change due to inclement weather will be noticed to all registrants via email as soon as practicable.  


For field lacrosse league play, full lacrosse equipment will be required. This includes a regulation lacrosse stick, lacrosse gloves, a NOCSAE-certified lacrosse helmet, elbow or arm pads, lacrosse shoulder pads that meet the NOCSAE ND-200 standard (implemented in 2022), and appropriate footwear--either non-metal cleats or sturdy sneakers, depending on the surface and conditions. In addition, boys must wear an athletic cup. Players may optionally wear rib pads. 

All players must wear a mouth guard, which cannot be clear or white. (And tell your kid that, no, his Invisalign isn't a compliant mouth guard and no note from the dentist can get him out of this requirement. Refs will check!) 

For more information about equipment, check out USAL's Equipment Guide.


Effective Sept. 1, 2021 through Aug. 31, 2022

Age Level DOB from DOB to Typical Grade Level
14U 6/1/2007 8/31/2009 7th or 8th
12U 9/1/2009 8/31/2011 5th or 6th
10U 9/1/2011 8/31/2013 3rd or 4th
8U 9/1/2013 8/31/2015 1st or 2nd
6U 9/1/2015 8/31/2017 Pre-K to K

Great Time to Try Lacrosse!

We often get the question: "Is my child too old [or sometimes too young] to start lacrosse?" 
With guidance from the "Lacrosse Athlete Development Model" developed by U.S. Lacrosse, we gear all of our progams to be age appropriate. In addition, we design our rosters and our league team registrations levels to be developmentally tied to the athletes at a given age, in a given cohort, and on a given team. In short, we do everything we can to make our lacrosse experience developmentally productive, with more emphasis placed on developing young athletes, lacrosse players, and citizens than on winning. 

If you're new to lacrosse or know someone who's never tried it, help us make sure they know that MLA will develop all players regardless of ability and experience. We will place those players on the right team for their individual development and we will do everything in our power to help them learn the game that we love.