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Spring Boys' Lacrosse


The 2022 boys' lacrosse spring season offers...  

  • Preseason practices in the TonkaDome in February and March (included with registration);
  • Spring boys' field lacrosse league play via the GNLL Boys' Spring Field Lacrosse League in April and May;
  • an OPTION to add to your registration for, an additional fee, BOX LACROSSE league play via the TC Spring Indoor League in March and April.   Note: The box lacrosse add-on option closed on February 18, 2022; registration for Boys' Spring Field Lacrosse remains open through March 4 via the registration above. 

NOTE FOR 8U PLAYERS:  We currently do not offer spring field league play for 8U players, but you can use this registration to register your 8U player for 8U box lacrosse league play in March and April for $150.  Note: Box lacrosse registration for 8Us remains open through March 4 via the registration above. 

Note for 6U Players:  We do not offer a field lacrosse or box lacrosse league play option for 6U players at this time, but please see our 6U Co-Ed Lacrosse page for MLA 6U lacrosse clinic information. 


The costs for basic boys' spring lacrosse registration, which includes preseason practices in the Tonka Dome in February and March and GNLL field-league play in April and May, with weekend games and multiple practices per week (1-3, depending on age level), will be: 

  • 10U - $390
  • 12U - $490
  • 14U - $490

Add the box-lacrosse league play option to your registration and get 6 box league-play games added to your registration for just $125--that's a steal at just $20 a game for arena turf time with refs! 

Spring lacrosse registration includes the cost of a uniform that your child will use for all 2022 lacrosse seasons. (When you register for summer lacrosse, you will not need to purchase a new uniform, but you will have the option to purchase one if needed.) 

Note: Participants must have a current USA Lacrosse membership. USAL youth memberships cost $30 annually. 


  • January 29: Spring Lacrosse Open House in the Tonka Dome (8U/10U 5:30-6:30; 12U/14U 6:30-7:30)
  • February 5 through March 10:  Saturday preseason practices in the Tonka Dome. See dome schedules by age below. 
  • Mid-March through mid-May: Weeknight practices begin, 1-3 nights per week depending on age group, and weather and field conditions permitting. (Exact nights TBD, as we're awaiting field schedules from our facilities partners.
  • March 12 - May 1:  Spring box lacrosse games on weekends (Saturdays or Sundays), excluding spring break weekends. Note: Box games only for those registrants who choose the spring box lacrosse registration add-on. 
  • April 16 - May 15: GNLL Spring Field Boys' Lacrosse league play on weekends (Saturdays or Sundays). All weekend games for GNLL will be double-headers.
  • May 16: Summer boys' field lacrosse practices begin. Must register separately with MLA for summer field lacrosse. 

8U & 10U Spring Dome Preseason Dates & Times

Saturday, 1/29  OPEN HOUSE 5:30-6:30pm
Saturday, 2/5  3:30-4:30pm
Saturday, 2/12  3:30-4:30pm 
Saturday, 2/19  6:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 2/26  3:30-4:30pm
Saturday, 3/5  6:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 3/12  6:30-7:30pm
SATURDAY, 3/19  6-7pm (scrimmage)

12U Spring Dome Preseason Dates & Times

Saturday, 1/29  OPEN HOUSE 6:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 2/5  5:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 2/12  5:00-6:30pm
Saturday, 2/19  8:00-9:30pm
Saturday, 2/26  5:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 3/5  8:00-9:30pm
Saturday, 3/12  8:00-9:30pm
SUNDAY, 3/20  2-3:30pm (scrimmage)

14U Spring Dome Preseason Dates & Times

Saturday, 1/29  OPEN HOUSE 6:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 2/5  5:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 2/12  6:30-8:00pm
Saturday, 2/19  8:00-9:30pm
Saturday, 2/26  5:30-7:30pm
Saturday, 3/5  8:00-9:30pm
Saturday, 3/12  8:00-9:30pm
SUNDAY, 3/20 3:30-5pm (scrimmage)

NEW: Preseason Bonus Friday Nights at Hopkins Pavilion!

Preseason Friday Nights at Hopkins Pavilion:

  • Friday, March 4
  • Friday, March 11
  • Friday, March 18
  • Friday, March 25

For all of the Hopkins Pavilion dates, we will run: 

8U/10U from 5:30-6:30pm (one-hour practice);
12U from 6:30-8pm (90 min. practice, incl 30 min. scrimmage);
14U from 8-10pm (2 hr. practice incl. 30-minute scrimmage)


For field lacrosse league play, full lacrosse equipment will be required. This includes a regulation lacrosse stick, lacrosse gloves, a NOCSAE-certified lacrosse helmet, elbow or arm pads, lacrosse shoulder pads that meet the NOCSAE ND-200 standard (implemented in 2022), and appropriate footwear--either non-metal cleats or sturdy sneakers, depending on the surface and conditions. In addition, boys must wear an athletic cup. Players may optionally wear rib pads. 

All players must wear a mouth guard, which cannot be clear or white. (And tell your kid that, no, his Invisalign isn't a compliant mouth guard and no note from the dentist can get him out of this requirement. Refs will check!) 

For more information about equipment, check out USAL's Equipment Guide.


Q: How will spring lacrosse work in 2022? 
A: In 2021, we experimented with a return to boys' spring field lacrosse. Familied liked that league, but a number of players missed the box lacrosse league play that we have offered in recent years before switching to spring field lacrosse in 2021. So, in 2022, we're offering both: spring FIELD lacrosse includes preseason clinics and practices (both in the dome and outdoors) PLUS an option to add spring BOX lacrosse to your spring lacrosse programming. It's a huge value! 

Q: How will spring box and field teams be formed? 
A: We do not want to run a high-pressure tryout or evaluation for spring lacrosse, which is our developmental and tune-up season. (In Minnesota, the primary youth lacrosse season has historically been summer.) So, we will use the spring preseason clinics and practices to try and create balanced teams for spring field lacrosse and box lacrosse. league play. In both cases, we cannot control whether and how other associations might "stack" teams, but at least for spring field lacrosse, the league will generally work with us to help us get competitive games. (It's a smaller league than our summer league and easier to "customize" that way.) 

Q: How will the BOXLA (box lacrosse) add-on work? 
A: Players who select the boxla add-on option as part of their registration will  team will MLA used to do only spring box lacrosse. Then we tried only spring field lacrosse. People missed box. So, we're continuing with field--because we get more reps and have more practice opportunities--but we're allowing spring lacrosse registrations to add box lacrosse to their spring registration, because we think BOXLA is awesome and we don't want anyone to miss the opportunity to get box game reps if they want. It'll definitely make you a better lacrosse player! 

Q: Can I sign up only for boxla? 
A: No. In this first year of this field plus option programming, for administrability, we have decided that a player can add box but cannot choose it as a stand-alone option. (Except for 8U players, for whom we do not offer spring field lacrosse; our 8Us will play only box in the spring, and their registration will include the dome preseason sessions.) 

Q: Will spring field league games conflict with spring box league games? 
A: No. First, the spring field season and the spring box season overlap only by a three weekends. And, with the help of two awesome league coordinators at GNLL (field) and TC Select (box), we expect be able to avoid any game conflicts for those players that choose to add boxla to their spring registration.

Q: If I'm an eighth-grader and I'm selected to play on the MHS lacrosse prep team this spring, what happens to my spring registration? 
A:  Eighth-graders who try out for and are selected for participation on a Minnetonka High School lacrosse team during the 2022 high-school season cannot, by MSHSL rule, participate in youth field lacrosse during the spring field season, but they will be able to finish out the BOX lacrosse season, which ends in late April. (We have confirmed this with Minnetonka Schools' Activity Director Ted Schultz.)  if they have selected that as an add-on to their spring lacrosse registration.  Eighth-graders who participate on an MHS team will receive a $300 prorated refund for their primary spring lacrosse registration, which reflects the cost of their $490 registration minus $100 for preseason practices, $90 for their uniform, and (if applicable) their $125 box lacrosse add-on. 

Q: Do I need a uniform if I already have one? 
A: Yes, our 2022 uniforms will be different from our 2021 uniforms to ensure that everyone--players who have outgrown their old uniform and players new to our association--look, well, uniform 

Q: Will I need to buy a uniform again later this year (e.g., for summer lacrosse)? 
A: No! If you participate in spring lacrosse, you get a uniform included with registration. If you then participate in summer lacrosse, you'll use your spring uniform for summer and will not have to pay for a summer uniform as part of summer registration. For fall lacrosse, we do not require uniforms. Note that for the spring box lacrosse add-on, players will wear uniforms from a prior year or we will provide a "loaner" pinnie or uniform, since spring uniforms likely will not be shipped until halfway through the box season. 

Q: Does my child really need new shoulder pads this year?
A: Probably, unless you've recently purchased shoulder pads and they meet the NOCSAE ND-200 standard. Beginning January 1, 2022, all shoulder pads must comply with that standard. 

Q: How will spring field teams be formed?
A: During the spring preseason, we will evaluate players by ability and position and then use preseason evaluations to create equal "B-1" teams in mid-to-late March. This will enable us to use the spring field season as a truly developmental opportunity to prepare our players for the primary summer season

Q: How will teams be formed for the boxla add-on to spring field lacrosse?
A: Based on the players who elect to add box lacrosse league play to their spring field lacrosse registration, and using spring preseason practices to evaluate ability, we will attempt to create equal teams of 14-16 players at each level for boxla. Final team size will depend on registration numbers. 

Q: Do you know practice schedules yet?
A: Not completely. In fact, our field partners haven't even awarded contracts yet! (We're at their mercy there.) But we have all of the preseason dome dates outlined above, and we have time at the Hopkins Pavilion on Friday nights in the Hopkins Pavilion beginning in March, so you can expect to have some practices those nights. Once we have field time secured with our partners (e.g., City of Shorewood), we will create outdoor practice schedules for April and May. 

USA Lacrosse Membership

All participants must have a current USA Lacrosse (USAL) Youth Membership ($30).  

We recommend that look up your child's USAL membership information prior to beginning the registration process.  See links below for USAL membership information and membership lookup tool.